Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday (a day late!): Accountability Counts

Well...4 weeks post baby today. I'm beginning to look forward to that 6 week appointment; the one that clears me for all activity and signifies the start of my serious consideration of my weight loss journey.  Dare I say I'm kind of excited.  My goal is to create a buzz that produces comments like this one "She looks great! I can't believe she has 4 kids!?!" All vanity aside though, I do want be healthy and fit for my kids, and my husband and myself.

My first serious weight loss journey began after I had Ava.  At one point I remember weighing less than I had in a long time but my body had changed so much and everything was just sagging.  It was gross and depressing to me to look in the mirror. At that point, I buckled down and began my love-hate affair with the tread mill, started lifting weights and threw in a little Yoga because it made me feel good. I joined weight watchers on-line and with the support of my mom and sister I was able to drop about 20 pounds. I felt great.

So I'm excited to get back to that place.  I thought I could use my blog as a motivator for myself.  I'm a little leery about sharing it with the world but I've been thinking that it could help because accountability counts. Am I going to want to post that I had a gain one week? Probably to avoid that maybe I will try a little harder.

Right now I'm not doing anything but getting Chloe on a routine of some sort, and pumping.  I am happy to say that the first few pounds have melted away fairly easily. I don't expect this phenomenal weight loss to continue much longer, but I am going to wait until the 6 week mark to really concentrate on diet and exercise.

So part of this whole accountability thing will be to mark my progress and talk about what I am doing that works and what isn't working and measure my success...but we've got to have a jumping off today, my first edition of Weigh-in Wednesday will come complete with stats...and (eek!) before pictures!

So at the height of pregnancy I weighed 172 lbs.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. My feel good weight goal is 120 lbs.  My ultimate goal is between 115-117.  I'm only 5'1" so this is a healthy weight for me.  I currently weigh 141.4 pounds, which means that I am already down 30.6 lbs!  YAY!  I still have 21.4 to 26.4 lbs to go.

Here are the lovely pictures!

Front View: Not too bad for 4 weeks post delivery--note love handles.
Side View: I look like I'm about 4-5 months pregnant here--but that's to be expected, I suppose.
Back View: Looking a little frumpy dumpy from behind--I'll be trying to change that!
So, I've got my work cut out for me.  The only thing I have left to do is take all my measurements. I will probably do that on the official start of the big fitness endeavor in two weeks!

By the way, if anyone would care to join me, let me know. It would be fun to have a diet/exercise buddy...We could all use a little push from a friend sometimes, so let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Not bad mamma! You seemed to have gained it all in your mid section...where as I gained it all over:) I'm actually just a few pounds under you with a similar goal (I check in on Fridays though). I'll keep my eye on you and motivate from bloggy land:)

Krajcimama said...

I went to the doctor's last week and refuse to share my weight...but let me say that I'm 10 months post twins and only about 8 pounds more than I was before getting pregnant. Not great but not too shabby either considering that I gained WAY more with the twins than I did with Nate or Danika...duh! hehehe

You look great for just having a baby - btw! I'm sure that you will reach your goal in no time and I look forward to hearing all about your journey...even if you have a gain one week! Good Luck - I'm sure all that Chinese Cabbage from the CSA will help! hehehe

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