Thursday, May 26, 2011

24/7/365 Cute

365 days with my baby baby tomorrow.  365 memories. 365 firsts for the last time. One year of overflowing love.

Today Chloe can:
Pull up on her own.
Stand unassisted.
Walk while holding your hand.
Say: Mama, Dada, baba, Kingston, Jordan, baby, doggy
Give kisses.
Hug someone or something while she pats their "back."
Wave hello or bye bye.
Clap her hands.
Wipe her face or her high chair tray.
Climb steps.
Pull tissues from a box.
Pull down items almost out of reach.
Destroy folded laundry in less than 10 unsupervised seconds.
Eat almost everything that we eat.
Feed herself.
Drink from a soft spouted sippy cup.
Drink from a straw.
Make a mess with the best of them.
Love like crazy.
Get Angry.
Runcrawl away from trouble with a smile on her face.
Runcrawl to someone she loves.
Miss someone.
Love a puppy and pet it nicely.
Live in the moment.
Shake her head "no."
Hold our hearts.

What will she do next?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

For the past two Summers we joined a CSA, I briefly mention that in a couple of previous posts.  Part of the reason is because I went through a mini-food revolution after reading the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and watching the documentary, Food, Inc. My dream was to have a nice big garden that I drenched with water from my rain barrel, worked with my hands, and nourished with compost from our homemade compost bin.

When we looked at buying our house and surveyed our yard one of the things we considered was where we would put our garden.  Coincidentally, the original owners were raising egg layers in the backyard and while I know Jim was drawing the line, my heart was secretly pitter-pattering....Who are we kidding though, I don't know the first thing about raising chickens--or putting in a GARDEN for that matter and we don't live on a farm, we live in a neighborhood.  Still, there is something quite appealing to me about going back to basics, working the land, sustaining, and knowing where our food is coming from. 

That's why the CSA was part of the solution for us for the past two years when we were busy bringing up seedlings of our own at home (the girls) and time and space constraints kept us boxed in to the 3 x 6 world of tomatoes and peppers, hanging baskets, and landscape flowers. Alas, we aren't doing the CSA this year. I think I will miss it--those mid-morning trips to the barn to pick up veggies that the ever smiling farmers and interns had literally slaved over all spring and summer.  The call to get my hands dirty is getting stronger and now a few of the girls are old enough to learn something from growing a garden and the time and space restraints are no more (maybe?).  But if you are local and looking to become a part of something special in the world of sustainable, locally grown, organic produce, allow me to point you in the right direction: Blackberry Meadows Farm. There are still spots open for their 2011 growing season and you can find all the information on their website.

In the meantime, we are late comers to this growing season. In all fairness, Jim works a ton and the weather has been soggy and raining for much of the last few months so we haven't had the chance to really do much more than slog around in the mud and buy a few plants. It will be a learning experience. I have been assigned research, planning, documenting, and upkeep and Jim has been assigned to break his back.

At the moment, the garden amounts to a 9 x 11 plot
 And a table full of veggies.
Here's what we are going to plant and I know we are late on some of these guys, but we are going to give it a go anyway:  garlic (it's in that pot and will most likely remain there instead of going into the ground...Then we will keep the best cloves, dry it and plant it next year.), onions, two types of lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, three types of peppers, three types of tomatoes, I think some potatoes too. The girls really want to grow watermelon, but I don't know if we have room for it, so we will see. 

We have some work to do on the soil and we have to put a fence up as deer frequent the neighborhood and I'm sure there are other vermin around who will be willing to snack freely from our buffet.  It is going to be a learning experience this year and I'm trying to keep my expectations realistic.

Anyone else putting a garden in? Any tips, tricks, advice, warnings?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where the Wild Things are?

I cannot tell you how many times this past couple of months that I have been going about my merry way and all of a sudden from somewhere in the distance I begin to hear the raspy half-whisper of my husband saying in a hurried tone "come here, hon....and bring the camera."

I swear you would think we were on safari as I stalk my prey sneak up to take a picture of some random wild creature that has made its way into our backyard. I must really look like some city mouse because I just get so excited looking for wild birds and bugs (not so much) and any other flora and fauna that habitates in the backyard. Jim seems to be sharing my enthusiasm as he is always the one who is catching the wild and wonderful and bringing me to it with camera in hand.

Who can blame us--even a stink bug seemed exotic at our old city dwelling (although they have quickly melted into the background of daily life). Rock Pigeons, stray cats--neither a family favorite--these were everyday sights.  Now, who knows what will turn up next?

It all started on a day when the clouds parted and brought on this lovely show.  I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, when I heard Jim's call: Bring the girls and the camera!

Not long after that, Jim called me to the window and chastised me as I fumbled with the camera...he was sure I would miss a shot of this rare guy!

I was told this might be a verugated woodpecker?  I had to enhance this pic a bit because it was taken through my window and the bird was all the way in the back of our yard.
The third time, I happened to have the camera in hand practically...but I still almost missed the shot. Jim spotted this little guy hanging out after our Mother's Day Picnic:

We were only hoping this little bat wouldn't make his way into the house!
Finally, last night during a booming thunderstorm Jim found this little guy taking cover from raindrops that were almost as big as him!

Originally, he was suction-cupped to our front window!  I couldn't get a decent pic because it was pitch black out there!
I keep wondering what the next visitor will be!  Maybe next year we will think OHANOTHERFROG or THERE'STHATWOODPECKERAGAIN or HOLYBATMAN, but for now each sighting is a real treat! I say come one, come all and get your picture taken for free at our house! :)


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