Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday: Slow and Steady.

Here we go...settling into a normal weight loss. I would have liked to have seen two pounds this week but I'm down one instead. Fine with me! Any loss is a good loss and after a spectacular first week I will take anything except a gain! I'm down 7.6 pounds since starting, down 37.6 from the height of pregnancy, and down 22.8 from 2 days after giving birth. Not too shabby for 8 weeks.  Just 4.4 lbs to go until prepregnancy weight.

So what worked this week. I counted points this week and stayed within my range.  I'm not happy that I did not account for a couple of bites that I took here and there and I want to pay closer attention to the grazing that I tend to do during the day.  On the exercise front...only got in one (half)
 yoga session this week. I have a nice healthy ache in my shoulders, biceps and abs from it--little bit that I did.  I'd like to work on that as well, since it's great to be loosing weight, but just as important is the need to tone up.

I'm supposed to take measurements today, promised myself I'd do it every two weeks, but I haven't done it yet.

In other news, It's my Grandma's birthday today and my aunt and uncle are hosting a swim party at their house. Also some out of town relatives will be in. So it promises to be a fun family day.  When the family gets together you can expect the food temptations to be high.  I just have to practice some moderation today!  Wish me luck!

P.S. I've been informed that my background is going to be disappearing this Friday...forcing me to change things up..which is fine, because I need to update and add little "Chlo-worm" to tree. To that end, we will be going under construction in the next week or so. Please bear with!

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