Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday: Something Went Very Right!

The first week of counting points went really well!  I'm happy to report my first loss for the new "lifestyle change" a whopping 6.6 pounds!! Makes up for the two pound gain last week.  This loss is despite attending a very well stocked graduation party: Ribs, Fried Chicken, Hot Sausage, Huge Cookies, Cake...just to name a bit of what was on the overly tempting menu. 

So here's what went right this week.  I started counting points. I had success on the WW plan last time and I'm comfortable with the whole points system, plus I like the "freedom" to "eat what I want"...but I did a little research and when I got to thinking about it, I made a little discovery. Many products  have shown/are showing up on the market that have gotten wind of the points plan and have lowered their calories and upped their fiber intake to lower their points value. These foods end up being low in points but still offer no real nutritional value. For example, I was looking at the nutritional content in the Klondike, slim a bear, 100 calorie Fudgecicle (it's really yummy) made with Splenda so it's low cal, low fat, and it has 4 grams of fiber.  The whole fiber thing floors me.  Where's the fiber coming from?...I think that it's akin to just adding a spoon full of Metamucil to the recipe to lower the point value...the bars are a mere 1 point according to the plan. 

Anyway, after that I made a little resolution to try to eat as many whole foods as I can. So during the week when I wanted to grab Swedish Fish, I ate an organic apple instead. Instead of a Toaster Strudel, I ate some berries, A handful of almonds instead of chips, an avocado smoothie instead of a Fudgecicle. I was able to eat a lot more food and I felt so much better about my choices. I wasn't able to completely eliminate processed food from my diet, but less of it is better than nothing!

On the exercise front I was less successful...only got in one solid treadmill work out. I took a long walk at the graduation party with my sister Lindsey and pushed my little niece in the stroller along the way (it was a good way to get away from the temptations back at the pavilion). And I had a failed workout attempt a couple of days ago which amounted to maybe 15 minutes. Better than nothing!

In other news, Ava and Jordan are at gymnastics camp this week. They were wiped out yesterday...4 hours at camp is a lot of exercise for those little buggers, but they seemed to like it.  My little outgoing girl Jordan tried to sit with the "big girls" at lunch and was disappointed to find that no one really talked to her. I felt really sad for her...she was upset because she was so "shy". I tried to convince her that if she sat with the girls her own age she would feel more confident and have more to talk about with them.  She doesn't need to sit with the big girls. I don't want her to grow up..I asked her why she didn't sit with Ava...Well, this is Jordan, the little socialite we are talking about. I told her to sit with Ava today because it sounds like Ava had more fun at lunch than Jordan did!

I've been happy with my time with Livi and Chloe's nice to have some time with them without the bigger girls vying for attention.  Speaking of which, Chloe is begging for some (crying) right now! :)

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