Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeling hot. Hot. HOT!

*pant*  Our AC went out right before vacation. We had it charged and headed to Myrtle Beach. Jim turned the unit off while we were away. Came home to a hot, stuffy house. Turned on the AC. It wasn't working again. Tech came out, and filled it up again...3 days later we were warm again. Obviously we have a bad leak somewhere. We need a new unit.

Luckily (maybe), we have a home warranty since our home is on the market and we are able to get it fixed and just pay a reasonable deductable.   BUT there is so much red-tape and runaround that as I sit here sweating like a pig, I wonder if it is worth it.

Jim went and got fans. They are basically just blowing around the warm air, but I found that if I aim the fan directly at me and spray myself with a water bottle it gives me just enough time to fall asleep before the water evaporates! The AC probably won't be fixed/replaced until the end of next week. 

How spoiled are we though? I'm not sure if we will make it. Jim was pricing window units yesterday which I am trying to prevent him from wasting our money on...I mean we can make it a week! I made it my entire childhood without whole house air conditioning. Of course, this is the 9th hottest summer in the history of our city...OF COURSE!

I tried to convince him to put up a tent and sleep outside, but we don't have a tent big enough for our family, and our yard probably isn't big enough for a tent that's big enough for our family! It would be fun though. I remember doing that when I was a kid. My parents had a HUGE tent that they would set up in the beginning of the summer to air out and check for leaks (we camped a lot when I was young) and we would sleep out there (and play in it all day).  Instead of my kids having that memory, they'll say 20 years from now, remember when the AC went out and we slept in our underwear in front of the fan, and mom sprayed herself with a water bottle and was really cranky for a whole week?  Good times.

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Jess said...

If it makes you feel any better it's supposed to be in the high 70's this week, or so my sister in law says...
We used to do the tent thing too! We'd have hours of fun in there and it would basically be up all summer long.
I miss being a kid sometimes.

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