Friday, October 1, 2010


I have two large, black garbage bags full of odds and ends toys...broken, discarded, missing pieces, drawn on...I'm getting rid of them all and then some.  I tried to follow a cardinal rule of getting rid of things and consulted with the owners first--who got rid of many things (but not enough for my liking). I did let them win a few battles: You can keep the Wizards of Waverly Place Crystal Ball (this time), but I will not concede on getting rid of the gazillion Happy Meal toys hanging around.

The end result: They still have a LOT of toys...but we do have a half empty toy box, organized bookshelf, and a four tiered bin organizer with two EMPTY bins. I must confess, I did throw out a few things that they "wanted to keep" when they weren't looking and I bet they will not even miss them.  I see what they play with everyday and it was not these things that I tossed.

I feel like I just did a big toy purge in the beginning of the I am just AMAZED (and ashamed) of the amount we are getting rid of.  How did all of this stuff get here???  I guess with 4 girls we get a ton of the same types and kinds of things so maybe that makes it seem like there is a lot more.  As opposed to having half toys for boys and half toys for girls, we just have an explosion of dolls and dress up clothes and  Barbies etc.

It does feel good to clean up and clear out.  Even Ava said that I did a good job when she surveyed the 4 tier bin organizer..."You even found a place for the Barbie Cars!" I heard the hint of "I'm impressed" in her voice.  Can we keep it this way for awhile, Ava?  She assured me that we can...but as I type this Livi and Ava are playing with a mismatched combo of dollhouse, Ken and Barbie, and bangle bracelets and silly bands...Sigh. I hope it all gets put back in right bins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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