Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Our New Home
I've been going crazy because I have wanted to jump back in here but this is the first time since my last post that I felt I had a free moment or two to do it!

Our laptop broke shortly after my last post and we only got it back last Wednesday and as most of you know, we have just moved, so to say things are crazy around here would be an understatement.

This post could go in a thousand different directions and end up being super long. I've given myself time restrictions though: 15 minutes is all I can devote right now (although fiddling with these stupid pictures has got me way over my allotted time).  I'm not happy with my blog lay out and I still have to figure out what is going on with my comments--please let me know somehow if you are unable to comment under the blog post...I don't have the time to figure it out right now, but at least I will know to put it on my "to do" list!

I want to give you a tour of the house but almost EVERY room is half unpacked and in disarray...maybe some before and after shots would be in order...so what the heck, here's the tour. Please don't judge!!! :) We have lots of plans for the house...LOTS. Starting with UNPACKING! and painting everything...and some of our bigger plans (nothing that's going to happen in the very near future) in no particular order are: putting on a deck, cutting down some trees, filling in the trench in the back yard, paving the driveway, finishing the basement, getting new flooring, adding some organizers to the closets, changing out faucet fixtures, adding overhead lighting to all the rooms, doing the front steps, landscaping and putting in a garden...wow, writing it down makes it seem overwhelming, but we have the rest of our lives to do these things and make improvements. Baby steps!

Despite all of these looming projects, I'm very happy with the house. I love my bedroom and will love it even more once we paint and decorate and I LOVE the fact that we have more than one bathroom!!!  For now, I still need to unpack and find a place for things. I just threw these pictures on here pretty randomly (and WOW, they are random!)  because I can't get them to go nicely and neatly where I want them to go...but you will get the idea!
Three of the girls, the "iguana", and our red door!

I'm seeing spots! No, it's just Jordan and Ava's room,
unmade beds and all!
Olivia and Chloe's Room--
yet another mess to clean up!
the view from our bedroom window.  

The backyard, from our bedroom window.
The Stark White Master Bedroom and ugly chandelier-
-the Master Bath is through that doorway
The entry

The office in disarray--Hi Kingston! 

The future play room
The Laundry room--I don't like that it can be seen from the kitchen.
 Maybe we will add some cafe doors.

The BIG pantry is off of the laundry room!
(I know we have ALOT of BBQ Sauce)
The Living room and Kitchen are open to eachother...Ava's watching TV amidst the mess!

I like that the foyer is two stories!

This is the entry hallway--two closets and the powder room
The powder room
The Kitchen--Hi Livi! Ugly overhead lighting, no dining room table (it was too bulky!),
 and that back splash is not tiled it's paint!?! (I know.)

The Upstairs Bathroom

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Anonymous said...

Very nice:) Bonus about that backsplash - it's an easy fix with a paint roller (vs. having to demo tile and then patch the wall or retile:) ).

norma said...

congrats on your move...looks like a lot of nice space that a family of 6 needs....show us again in 6 months what everything looks like the way HGTV does!!!!

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