Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End (Beginning) Is Near!

Thought I would take a few quiet morning minutes to get to my neglected blog.  (And then the phone rang!!)

Anyway,  tomorrow is the BIG day. I will be induced sometime between the wee hours of the morning and the early hours of the morning!  I overdid it yesterday... I went on a big and necessary cleaning spree--well not all of it was NECESSARY but I did tackle a big job that I had been avoiding for a while and just couldn't stomach anymore--cleaning our tub!  Today I am catching up on Laundry so that the pile up that will inevitably happen over this long weekend with new baby isn't so bad.

Now that I'm a lightly seasoned Mom and getting in to well-oiled routines, I am so interested to see how the experience of a new born in the house will play out.  Will I still be motivated to swipe and swish my bathroom daily?  Will I be able to muster the energy to make beds every morning?  Will I shine my sink at night?  Will I be motivated to shed the baby weight in time for my brother's end of Summer nuptuals? I have such high hopes, but I have to remember not to let the thin streak of perfectionism pervade.  I mean between hormone fluctuations, midnight feedings, and chasing after three other little ones during the not so lazy, hazy days of summer...Well...I know I don't need to be hard on myself.  I'm also thankful that I have a handful of helpful offers for play dates and other help that I will not turn down, despite the nagging voice that says "YOU should be able to handle it all yourself!"  One thing I've learned over this past year is to open myself up to idea of girlfriends.  I have been so lucky to have fallen in with a group of women who are eternally caring, sympathetic, fun and refreshing. (Some of them even got together and threw a little surprise "sprinkle" for me!!)

Despite a cranky 2 year old this morning, I plan to enjoy today. My last full day of pregnancy, My Oldest's last day of Kindergarten.  A day for last minute preparations (like packing everyone's bags--hospital bag, and the kids' bags). A day for little surprises like "ice cream for lunch!"   A day for memories--Jordan's Kindergarten program this evening!!  And a night for no sleep as we anxiously await the call from the hospital to come in for the induction. 

I can't wait to introduce the newest member our family--celebrate all that is new.  And to experience the effect of multiplying love--celebrate all that stays the same.

I am so blessed, and so thankful, and so happy, come what may!

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