Monday, May 10, 2010

I Painted My Nails For Mother's Day

The last time I painted my nails was about 2 weeks ago, before that it had been almost 8 years ago when I did my nails for my wedding...and I don't know if it really counts because I had them done at a nail salon and they were acrylics...

I usually paint my toenails in the summer time...but I had a big toe injury weeks ago and my toenail on my right big toe is now missing (it's so gross looking...although it has gotten a little better. It's going to take SOOO long to grow back.  No big toenail for sandal season...and it doesn't help that flip flops are the only shoes my puffy pregnant feet actually enjoy), I can't reach my toes comfortably now AND I can't really see my toes at this point either. On a side note, when I was pregnant the first or second time, my little sister Lindsey treated me to a home pedicure. She helped me soak and scrub my feet and she painted my toes for me.  It was the BEST. I recommend that if you know a woman who is very pregnant at the height of sandal season that you do this for her...if you're queasy about touching toes then send her to a salon to have it done...really it was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me and I loved it so much because I couldn't do it for myself without strange contortions and much pain...

Anyway, I never paint my fingernails. I'm a nail biter.  Really a nibbler. I don't bite my nails down to unattractive nubs but they are fairly short.  I usually nibble when I am bored.  Usually in front of the TV. I don't really think about it...when my mind is wondering my nails go to my mouth.  I hate this habit of mine.  It annoys me more when my husband points it out to me.  I usually think, "I'm doing it 'cause I'm instead of pointing it out, let's DO something!!"  But I don't say that aloud.  I just get annoyed.  

So, I've been super busy the last few weeks.  Too busy to watch too much TV and too busy to bite my nails. and they actually look kind of nice right now! I don't want long nails, they just get in the way, but I like the length they are now.  My prenatal vitamin has helped them grow strong and being too busy to nibble has made up for the missing toenail--kind of.

My friend Melissa gave me a little bottle of Barbie Pink polish shortly after Valentine's day...very thoughtful of her.  I painted my toes with it right away and the girls' fingers too!  Well, when the nails started to grow I pulled out that Barbie Pink and went to town. I felt pretty and if you know Barbie Pink--you know that it's a flashy little color--perfect for toes, but perfect for mommy's fingers too! I thought well, maybe it would pull attention from the gnarled toe down there...the one that had a Barbie band aid on it for a week or so.

On Saturday night I decided that I would give the girls mani/pedies.  (I never clip their toenails and fingernails and they were pretty ragged--I'm a bad mom).  So I pulled out the nail clippers and files and the nail polish and everybody got fancied up for Mother's day.  I painted my fingernails too!  I chose a more neutral color.   I felt pampered a little bit.

It's funny how something so little that takes about 5 minutes to do for yourself can make you feel so good.  Mommy's worth it...I recommend painting your fingers or your toes OR both today!  It's something for YOU to enjoy and smile at every time you look at them.

Granted the girls have already chipped their polish, but I know the memories of these little beauty things we do together will stay with them all their lives.  They get so excited whenever I suggest anything like this--painted nails,  new hairstyles, a little lip gloss, even smearing smelly lotion on their hands or legs...anything "girly" they love...and I know they love it more when Mommy does it with them.  One of the many reasons that I do adore having little girls.

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Krajcimama said...

Danika and I bought new nail polish after I got my hair cut yesterday! I think we will have a nail painting party today! :)

Nate gets so mad because he knows that boys don't wear nail polish (at least according to Daddy....) but Danika loves that there is something just for her and Mommy.

Thank you for the comments on my blog - I really feel better, but I'm determined that I am not going to let the fact that I have 4 kids so young keep me in the house all summer. So, we will definitely have to plan times to get together! My mom has a great backyard - I'm thinking of taking it over a few times this summer. I'll let you know and you can bring the girls's right on Ridge so it will be close for you, too! (That is until your house sells! Been praying for you guys to have something happen quickly!)

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