Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well...I'm coming in to the home stretch! I will probably only be pregnant for another 2 weeks at most.  I'm feeling fine, except that this little one has her foot jammed in my ribs 22 out of 24 hours of the day it seems!  I had a doctor appointment this morning and everything looks good. We will most likely schedule an induction for May 27th.  Jordan will be finished with Kindergarten (I can't believe it!!) and Ava will be done with preschool...we will be making our way into the nice long Memorial Day weekend and we can ease into a normal summertime routine.  Yeah right!  The best laid plans...

I don't feel super huge this time around...I think the cooler weather is actually helping with that.  I'm less motivated by the end of the day and unfortunately when I wake in the morning, instead of feeling refreshed, I feel like I was hit by a car sometime in the night!  But I'll take it all to hold a new little bundle in my arms in just 14 days or less!

I haven't taken one of these in awhile...It's me at 37 weeks 4 days!

To give you an idea of what I've been putting off though...we still need to get a new carrier/car seat for the baby...she still doesn't have a stitch of clothing (I got rid of all my newborn stuff...So she has nothing as of this minute until she fits into 6-9 month clothes).  I don't have my bag packed--or the girls for that matter (they will stay with my parents). We still haven't signed the contract to put our house on the market (that happens today though). I don't feel like doing much but lay around...we have overdue library books in the house, again! 

Jumping to something new:  I am finally getting down to potty training Olivia...She will be 3 in July so I thought I should really put in some effort.  We started this weekend and she is really doing wonderfully!  She has done #1 AND #2 on the potty we've gradually worked up to being able to hold it for at least 30 minutes between potty trips and she is very proud of herself.  I was leery of driving with her to the doctor appointment today while she had her big girl underwear I brought the potty chair with us--thank goodness for the mini-van--we had room for it!  She did great.  She still has had an accident or two during the day, but they have been my fault.  I ignored the timer a couple of times.  It was funny because on the first day she sat on that potty 14 different times and each time, she peed a little.  My goodness little girl!  But it has actually been fun because she has been so successful with it. We clap and sing songs, give high fives and hugs and I can really tell she was ready for it!  I'm nervous for when the baby comes...hoping that Grammy and Pappy can keep up with her while I'm in the hospital and hoping that she doesn't regress when the baby comes home. I keep encouraging her by telling her that she will have to show "Chloe" how she goes on the potty now and what a great big sis she is going to be. I hope it's enough. She isn't as stubborn as Ava, so I think it should be okay!

Alright. I'm boring myself a little here....just had a minute and thought I would post and since this is my world right now, well...this is what you got!

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Kim (Moran) Vivirito said...

you look awesome, christine! good luck in the next few weeks!

Kel said...

You look great! Best of luck in the next few weeks!!!

Krajcimama said...

I agree - you look great!

Glad to hear the potty training is going well. By the time this little gal is ready to be trained you will be a pro for sure!

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