Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eight Chapters

I just finished my assignment for Lenten Book Club and finished the next eight chapters in the book "How Big is Your God?: The Freedom to Experience the Divine" While the previous eight chapters left me feeling a bit Ho-Hum about the book these last eight have been really thought provoking and have lots of highlights throughout. I'll share some of those highlights with you. They speak to me and sharing them with you, my dear reader, will give you a glimpse of the me I strive to be:

Get rid of the material things in your home, and you will learn how to be free. Chapter 25

If you want a relationship with God, you must make space in your life for the spiritual. Chapter 26

If you give away something that you're attached to but you haven't enjoyed, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Chapter 27

People, Places, Things -- enjoy them so you are not possessed by them. Chapter 27

Live life with a beginner's mind. Theme of Chapter 28

If you don't experience the Divine inside you, you won't find God anywhere. Chapter 30

While you are holding on to your children they are changing...the relationship that you have today is not the one you had yesterday and is not the one you will have tomorrow. Chapter 32

The present moment is eternal time. Chapter 32

I am striving to live in the present moment.  Whenever I have a quiet moment with Chloe I often say--You will never be this little again. That one thought magnetizes and magnifies the present moment for me. I experience the present most fully during my day at those times. I hold her close, feel her soft skin, breath her in and I just try to BE. With her. In the moment. Peace. Happiness. And a glimpse of the Divine.


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