Saturday, April 16, 2011

Popping in...

I've been stressed about getting our taxes filed, but they are finished! Even though we aren't getting a return this year and (eek!) owe, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. It isn't like me to wait until the last minute...I will not be doing that again next year.

In other news. I am so thrilled with Spring (even though it's dreary today).  I love that when I am pulling up to the house I see a beautiful border of cheery daffodils around the house. I keep cutting fresh bouquets and bringing them inside.  I see tulip buds about to open and the trees in the front yard are just ready to flower.  None of this has to do with any work I have put into these grounds. It's so exciting to me to see what perennials might pop up. I want to take a nice spring pic of the house, but I am waiting until Spring has put on the full regalia!

Today, since it is raining, I plan to go through the girls clothes and swap out the seasons.  A huge task.  I better get to it!

What better way to end a short, but meandering, post than with some pictures? Might as well throw some on!


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