Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lambchops After Dinner

Yesterday, Ava requested that we dress Chloe up as a lamb after dinner. (For Ava, the kids-dressed-as-animals obsession continues.)  I kept saying "no."

But she kept asking.

After a few more increasingly agitated "NOs", I thought, really what am I saying "no" to?

A fun family moment?

The perfect photo-of-the-day fodder?

A few laughs? 

So I did a complete 180 and without another word, dressed the baby up as a lamb for goodness sakes!

First of all Chloe LOVED being dressed as a lamb and was making hilarious faces and doing many cute lamb-like things.

Second it turned out to be apropos of Spring and I got some uber adorable pictures!!!

YAY for YES!


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