Friday, May 13, 2011

Where the Wild Things are?

I cannot tell you how many times this past couple of months that I have been going about my merry way and all of a sudden from somewhere in the distance I begin to hear the raspy half-whisper of my husband saying in a hurried tone "come here, hon....and bring the camera."

I swear you would think we were on safari as I stalk my prey sneak up to take a picture of some random wild creature that has made its way into our backyard. I must really look like some city mouse because I just get so excited looking for wild birds and bugs (not so much) and any other flora and fauna that habitates in the backyard. Jim seems to be sharing my enthusiasm as he is always the one who is catching the wild and wonderful and bringing me to it with camera in hand.

Who can blame us--even a stink bug seemed exotic at our old city dwelling (although they have quickly melted into the background of daily life). Rock Pigeons, stray cats--neither a family favorite--these were everyday sights.  Now, who knows what will turn up next?

It all started on a day when the clouds parted and brought on this lovely show.  I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, when I heard Jim's call: Bring the girls and the camera!

Not long after that, Jim called me to the window and chastised me as I fumbled with the camera...he was sure I would miss a shot of this rare guy!

I was told this might be a verugated woodpecker?  I had to enhance this pic a bit because it was taken through my window and the bird was all the way in the back of our yard.
The third time, I happened to have the camera in hand practically...but I still almost missed the shot. Jim spotted this little guy hanging out after our Mother's Day Picnic:

We were only hoping this little bat wouldn't make his way into the house!
Finally, last night during a booming thunderstorm Jim found this little guy taking cover from raindrops that were almost as big as him!

Originally, he was suction-cupped to our front window!  I couldn't get a decent pic because it was pitch black out there!
I keep wondering what the next visitor will be!  Maybe next year we will think OHANOTHERFROG or THERE'STHATWOODPECKERAGAIN or HOLYBATMAN, but for now each sighting is a real treat! I say come one, come all and get your picture taken for free at our house! :)


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