Thursday, May 26, 2011

24/7/365 Cute

365 days with my baby baby tomorrow.  365 memories. 365 firsts for the last time. One year of overflowing love.

Today Chloe can:
Pull up on her own.
Stand unassisted.
Walk while holding your hand.
Say: Mama, Dada, baba, Kingston, Jordan, baby, doggy
Give kisses.
Hug someone or something while she pats their "back."
Wave hello or bye bye.
Clap her hands.
Wipe her face or her high chair tray.
Climb steps.
Pull tissues from a box.
Pull down items almost out of reach.
Destroy folded laundry in less than 10 unsupervised seconds.
Eat almost everything that we eat.
Feed herself.
Drink from a soft spouted sippy cup.
Drink from a straw.
Make a mess with the best of them.
Love like crazy.
Get Angry.
Runcrawl away from trouble with a smile on her face.
Runcrawl to someone she loves.
Miss someone.
Love a puppy and pet it nicely.
Live in the moment.
Shake her head "no."
Hold our hearts.

What will she do next?



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