Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I am usually a positive person. A glass-half-full kind of gal...but I've really had enough! Enough snow, enough missed school days, enough hibernating in a germ filled house, ENOUGH!

Last night, right after I had fallen into a nice deep sleep dreaming of a two-hour delay come true, Olivia came into the room at quarter to one with puke in her hair. Need I say more? I took it to the living room, figuring at least some of the noise would be subdued and Jim could get some sleep. Sure as snow flies, each girl was up doing her thing...Ava was next (she is the LOUDEST vomiter I have ever heard) and then came Jordan (the neediest and most worried sick child).

I took it in stride, watching the episode of the Bachelor that I had DVRed and catching up on Olympic glory through the night. At 5am Jim appeared dressed for work. While I could most definitely sleep through the hacking mayhem with no trouble if given the chance, Jim had a restless night too, because he is a very light sleeper...

So both of us will be in top form today! The kids are already feeling better though, begging for lunch...things like pizza rolls, milk products, and candy. All of which I must refuse!

Happy FAT TUESDAY...on the menu: toast and chicken broth! Yippee! :)

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Danielle P said...

Oh my. I feel for you. I am so sick of this snow too!! I am positive minded too but it just gets so tiresome. Hope your week gets better ASAP!!

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