Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spiritual High

I'm reading a book for a new Lenten Book Club sponsored by my parish. It is called The Gospel of Gabriel by Rev. Edward Hays. We had our first meeting over tea and coffee yesterday. I'm really excited about meeting with this group over the next few weeks and exploring this book.

It is a fictional account of Jesus' life...but it could be divinely inspired as well (I don't really know what the criteria for that happens to be.) It is based on the Gospels and other writings from biblical times. The author has done tons of research...A lifetime's you can bet the book is a real gem. In this novel, the Gospel is written by the Angel Gabriel and allows us to see the human side of God. It is so interesting to me that in all of the world's religions the Christian Religion is the only one who has had their God take on the human form and live a divine life in a human body. It is so wonderful to learn more about him. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it.

Which leads me to my next point, in my lifetime I can count a few times when I have felt a spiritual high: I had a few experiences in High School with a very close friend when we prayed in her backyard under a blanket of stars, Another time with this same friend at a Summer "church camp," After I made a Marriage Encounter Weekend with my wonderful Husband, While reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and now again during this Lenten Season--learning more about my Lord and Savior. I've also had more fleeting moments--the births of my three children, a few parish retreats...but for some reason it is so difficult to hold on to these and make them last. How do you hold on to the Divine?

Every day is an absolute miracle, every breath we take is a true marvel. As a stay at home Mom I get to witness miracles every day: The unexpected hug, watching the kids drift off to sleep (and sometimes getting to hold them while it happens), the unconditional love our dog shows us etc. But somehow the world always wants to break in on these moments. They become mundane, routine, lackluster. The TV is blaring, there are e-mails to check. Let's turn the radio on, play the Wii, text, rush off to this event or that.

The moments of spiritual high are a recharge for me and while I'm plugged in I need to try harder to make it last. It starts with shutting down, shutting off the world and tuning in to the Creator. Enjoying life in all of its forms, and recapturing the innocence, awe, and wonder of youth. I am God's child and I want to stay wrapped in His arms for as long as I can.

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