Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere!

In the midst of the arctic blast we are currently experiencing in the Pittsburgh area an idea has blown in, most unexpectedly (much like this snow!!). I was sitting on the couch the other day with my digital picture frame in hand watching as some of the pictures that I downloaded recently (from Christmas and above mentioned winter weather) played out for me on a slide show. I started to smile and then I started to think, this is so great to be able to look at my pictures. Then I began to get a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach...

All of my pictures are digital now and the ones that I actually have a hard copy of are unorganized and spread into various unfinished albums/boxes/envelopes/drawers throughout the house. and GASP! I don't have any backup for my computer, so if it should go down, with it will go at least 6 years of photographic memories...This is a very scary thought.

I blame it on my "Mommy Group." at our last get together there was some talk about scrap booking and my friend Amy (an avid scrapper) brought out one of her albums. I oohed and aaahed over that thing like nobody's business, but I said to myself and out loud that I am just not into this...I've tried several times to get started on an album and have met up with complete and utter failure. But oh, how I long to have books of pictures beautifully bound to flip through with my kids.

Problem one: I'm unorganized.
Problem two: I'm a perfectionist.
Problem three: I have to be in the mood in order to create. (In more ways than one! ;) )
Problem four: I hate to spend money. (Even though I know if I ever came out of it with a finished product I would have the money back 10-fold with all of the happiness that I would gain each time I flip through the book.)
Problem five: I need validation. (Someone tell me that this is THE most amazing scrapbook you have ever seen...asking for too much? I thought so.)

I'm on the way to tackling some of these problems...well, okay, ONE of these problems. Getting organized! I finally backed up my photos today. And the next step is to try to dig out all of my mislaid photos. I'm going to start with My life with Jim and the girls first: to be clearer, photos from the wedding on... Then I will try to categorize them.

I might make a mess of things again, but I think if I stay on top of the "organized" part it might not be too bad.

So I am going to start up my on-again, off-again, love-hate relationship with Scrapbooking. With 10 years of memories piling up I guess I can't expect it to be easy...but no relationship worth salt ever is!

Wish me luck!!!

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krajcimama said...

I was thinking about this the other day, too. I have a TON of scrapbook stuff in a really nice Creative Memories bag in my basement...collecting dust and who knows what else. I just don't have the time or space! It isn't an organization or creativity problem - it's just impossible for me to have enough "me" time.

I've decided that I'm going to make one of those Snapfish hardbound books every year with the pics from that year. :) That way we can flip through pictures together and I'll feel a little less guilty. They don't compare to real scrapbooks, though...maybe I'll start one of those for each of the kids when they start school...that gives me a few years. :)

Good Luck!!!

Jody said...

you may want to think about just starting current and then you won't feel so overwhelmed. say start with 2010 and go from there. you can always go back and do old pics when you are 65 or older..just a thought

if you need any help let me know. you really don't have to spend much money at all. the only things that you must have are a cutter and some adhesive, both available at walmart.

a easy way to start is to print your pics and then crop them, which is cutting off the extra background stuff.

if you have your pics cropped that is a major step. you can always crop more onc eyou start to design you page.

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