Friday, April 30, 2010

Personality Plus

I get such a kick out of seeing my little girls grow up.  They are three little girls growing up in the same house, with the same parents, and the same rules and they couldn't be more different from each other! Each has her own "look". I suppose when we pose for a family picture you can see the resemblances. My husband has a more fair complexion complete with reddish brown facial hair, hazel eyes, and freckles and I have olive skin and VERY dark hair and eyes.  And our girls have one or more of our traits but the mold is definitely broken after each one! :) I'm so excited to add a new little princess to our court and I am daydreaming regularly about what she will look like.  The girls have been doing that too, they each want her to look like them!

Even in temperament and personality they are so different from each other. To illustrate: This morning on our way out the door to take Jordan to school I noticed that we'd left the house without her book bag. Off-handedly, I said "Jordan, what about your book bag?" She was half way to the car and turned to come back up the steps. We had plenty of time this morning so I wasn't too annoyed about having to go back into the house to retrieve it, BUT I got a little scattered thinking about grabbing the bag before the burglar alarm would be armed.  I opened the door, grabbed the bag and never once thought about the dog escaping, just as I was grabbing, he was running--out the front door, off the porch, down the steps, and across the street.  In the first seconds of this morning madness I couldn't help noticing my little girls and really watching the differences in their reactions to this unexpected occurrence.  I had a feeling that the dopey dog wouldn't go far, but he was very excited about the new front yard stimulus and the wind of freedom blowing through his ears and that's why he wasn't listening as I commanded him to come back.  Here's what the girls were up to: Jordan immediately began apologizing. Ever the people pleaser, she was convinced that had she not forgotten her bag, or if she had only raced up the front steps to shut the front door the dog wouldn't be roaming the block freely.  Ava stood on the sidewalk shouting at the top of her lungs "KINGSTON! GET BACK HERE!"  Take charge Ava would not have this doggy disobedience.  Livi was standing on the steps, stunned and crying. I'm sure the thought of Kingston never returning was too much for her little noggin to handle.  Pathetically frozen, and heart broken, the tears were flowing freely. "It's not your fault, Jordan. Ava, get into the car and get buckled. Mommy will handle this. It's okay, Livi, Mommy will get Kingston back." I wrangled him back to the front porch in less than 60 seconds.  But just as my foot hit our front step the alarm began to scream.  GREAT! I let the dog's collar go so I could disarm the ear bleeding screech (second time this week it's gone off!) Kingston was off again! But this time I coaxed him into the van and he got to ride with us to school. Fun for all!! Except now I've got Boxer fluff all over the passenger seat. Oh well. 

Such is the life of a 8 month pregnant, stay at home mom with three little girls, and a lovable boxer who only listens sometimes.

I just keep thinking about the girls reactions. It could have a little to do with their ages but I think their responses are so typically them and it's interesting.

Slightly off topic, but too cute not to share, I took a video of Olivia last night (she didn't know I was filming her, which makes it all the more priceless) after dinner. It's another glimpse at her personality which is so lovable, huggable, and randomly kissable.  ENJOY!

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Krajcimama said...

What a great post! I love how you talk about each of the girls' reactions - it does make you wonder how 3 girls with the same parents can be so different! Thank God for it, though! If they were the same your house would be so dull! hehehe

LOVE the video, too! Adorable! I wish I would have taken more videos when I was pregnant with the twins and the big kids watched them move around - they were hysterical!

I responded to your comment on my blog - I never know if people get my responses or not...just thought I'd let you know in case you don't!

Enjoy your weekend!

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