Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost There

Well...things are running smoothly at the house, except now I can't seem to find the time to update my blog...So my schedule and routine are something I still have to work on.

We had a crazy weekend! The girls and I spent most of it at my parents house where the above video was taken...which is just TOO cute for words so I had to share it!  As I've mentioned we are preparing our house for the market, again. And I have been nesting like crazy so things are slowly but surely becoming decluttered.  The Front Steps are replaced!

Our hardwood floors are finished!  They went from ugly, dirty, stained dark green carpeting to this--after a good sanding and stripping of old stain:

 To This--an even more thorough sanding:

 To this-- Our finished project!:
I am very thankful that I have a hardworking and handy husband who takes on these projects! It's nice to have someone around who isn't afraid to "do-it-himself".  We've saved a lot of money with all the work he put into both of these projects, on top of knowing who to ask to get the job done right. And we just have a few more painting projects to finish to be ready.  The painting and decluttering may push our original May 1st deadline back, but I'm feeling okay with it.

In other news, I've agreed to co-lead the Daisy Troop at my daughter's school. I figured, I'll have three others who will most likely make their way through Daisies, so why not get involved?  We'll see how I like it come next fall.

Happy Thursday, dear readers!  I hope to not leave this blog hanging so long between posts! Off to pick up the girls from school!

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Krajcimama said...

I can honestly say I'm not sailing smooth with the house, yet...but I'm definitely a lot better than I was a month ago. Truth be told, I probably picked a horrible time to start FLYing again - this week has been insanely busy. I did really great last week - but haven't been home enough to keep up this week. Today I'm playing catch up. I just keep repeating "I am not behind. I am not behind" and taking baby steps. Tomorrow I'll be gone again all day - so Saturday will be the first "back to normal" day . . . whatever normal is! :)

Love the floors and the front steps look great, too! It's wonderful that your husband is so good at that kind of stuff!

Nate LOVED seeing Ava sing. Too cute. Thanks for sharing off to clean up after lunch!

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