Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In The Technological Abyss

Oh blog world, how I've missed you!  Last Friday, my husband decided to try to get his PS3 to hook up wirelessly to the internet, and after hours trying this and that and not really knowing what the outcome would be, we lost not only our internet service, but our home phone line as well!  UGH! We had a tech come out today and fix everything up and his word of advice to me was to not have my husband mess with anything...which would be funny, if it wasn't so frustrating!

My husband is a sharp tack. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman.  I like to figure things out for myself (so does he).  I usually play around with something having to do with the computer and can figure it out, or I at least have the wherewithall to look up some help on line.  Technology just changes so fast though!  It is really hard to keep up.  Since graduating college, so much has changed. I feel like I'm just treading water in the technology pool.  I usually call my younger sister when I'm in a jam. With 8 years between us,  and less time between her and her college graduation, I figure that she probably has more of a handle on today's latest tech stuff...but even she can't always answer my questions.

I'm staring at my router which is hooked up to two other thing-a-majiggies, which is hooked into my antiquated computer, which is somehow responsible for running my phone lines and wireless internet connection too, and it is bothering me that I have no clue what they are, how they work, or what they are  actually doing...And believe me I don't care enough to have to pay someone to teach me!

We are throwing around the idea of purchasing a laptop...and I've been dreaming about a new camera...but it is so intimidating to even walk into Best Buy and look.  How the heck do I know what it is that I need, let alone what I want?...And I'm sure I will sound like a bumbling fool trying to "intelligently" discuss it with a sales associate who is almost half my age and knows 4 times as much about all of it as I do!

Talk about feeling old...

How does a "regular" person do it?  I don't want to get so far behind that in a few years I have no clue what my kids are up to/in to in this crazy technological world we live in!  I remember laughing at my mom because she had no clue how to use a VCR, or even a remote control...but I'm headed straight down that same path!

So feel free to leave your opinions about the latest and greatest in laptop technology, or vent your own "techie" frustrations to me. I'll be taking copious notes!

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Krajcimama said...

Jerry has been bugging me like crazy to get a PS3. We have a Wii and Nate loves it. HOWEVER, our dvd player broke and Jerry is convinced it makes more sense to buy a PS3 for blue-ray, DVD and internet connection (he thinks we will stream video through NetFlix!)

Glad you are back! I can't believe you typed that long response to my post on your PHONE! hehehe I'm sure that was a huge pain in the butt! :) I appreciate it, though!

jody said...

our computer is on the fritz. we desperately need a new one but mike has a laptop from school and we share it when he comes home...well i hog it when he comes home, truth be told.....i hate to get another computer when we can share this one plus he will be home all summer with it. if and when we do get a new computer i think we are going for a lap top. it will still do all the things that i want and need plus take up way less space and give us some flexiblity. the other good thing is that not having access to a computer during the day frees up soooo much time... i love it. well that is why i am on here now at 12:30 am instead of sleeping....i can hear mike snoring...hehehehe. we had a super busy day. i had a dentist appointment at 9am then they boys went outside from 10-2pm. we came in and took our nap, got up at 4, they went back outside, mike came home at 4:30 and took care of elizabeth while i cooked and they too went outside and all 4 of them installed our new back up camera so i don't smash into someone with our monstrous suv at the mills parking lot one of these days. they came in and ate dinner at 6:30, i left for book club, they cleaned up the kitchen and all back outside until baths at 8;30...wow what a day!!

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