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Friday Follow: Something's Missing...

Friday Follow

First order of's Friday! So it's time to welcome all of my new and returning readers from Friday Follow. Thank you, welcome, and I hope that you find yourself feeling at home and get that "kindred spirit" kind of feeling here.  I am quickly turning my love of writing for myself into a nice little blog to share with family and friends and I am so happy to have YOU here reading and commenting on my posts!

Welcome Face book friends!  Thanks for stopping by too! Feel free to spend some time and catch up with me here!

With that out of the way...

Something's missing...and I don't mean that in some philosophical way. I mean something's missing.  I'm going to blame it on pregnancy (it becomes a clever scapegoat for all sorts of things...didn't get to putting the laundry away, I'm pregnant.  Kids haven't had a bath in a couple days, I'm pregnant. Dinner isn't cooking, I'm pregnant. I'm late for a very important date, I'm pregnant. I'm napping at 2pm, I'm pregnant...the farther along I get and the bigger I get the better this one works!).  One of the crazier and more annoying side effects of pregnancy is forgetfulness.  Really, check the pregnancy books, it says so. I'm sure my children outside the womb may have a little something to do with it too...

I have left my keys hanging in my front door at least three times. I have left the doors to my minivan open at least twice. I forgot to get Jordan to a Daisy meeting once. I forgot that I volunteered to help with Ava's preschool Easter party.  I forgot I had a third child (ha ha, I didn't really. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention).

There are a few things missing around here right at the moment that are making me a little crazy. I try not to let it bother me, but every time I look at the two empty cases for the Nintendo DS games that cost $30 dollars a piece I start to go a little batty. They are most likely, under the couch, at the bottom of one of two toy boxes, or eaten by the dog. Why do they have to be so damn small?!?

Our digital camera is missing (again).  I took the battery out to charge it, left the camera sitting next to the charger on the nightstand in my bedroom. It stood for one day. The next day, gone.  The girls had been in my room.  Ava said she put it into the armoire...I checked, no camera. Everyone agrees that Olivia had it last.  Well trying to get Olivia (my 2 year old) to conjure up an accurate memory of the sequence of events is like asking a goldfish to do the same thing.  I got the following answers from her, Kingston had it (the dog), It's under the bed (no it isn't), It's in the toy box (could be, but I hate looking in there so I haven't checked yet), I threw it in the garbage (very likely, she threw out a DVD we had on loan from the library and I had to pay $17 for it about 6 months ago!)  I would have rummaged through the garbage in the bathroom, where she most likely made the dump, but I had already emptied it on an ambitious cleaning spree the day before (and of course I didn't notice anything amiss).  I'd like a new camera. Just throwing that out into the universe.  A nice one please.  I'm using my phone as a camera right now and it really drains the battery...

And speaking of the library, we have a library book missing. I'm on my second renewal (trying to buy time to find it).  We took out four books and one is missing. It was Ava's pick: Hands Are Not For Hitting (I did get to read it aloud before we lost it).  I'm a little suspicious of Ava...because as I've mentioned in previous posts she's been quite a handful lately.  Could she have deviously hidden it from me in an attempt to make me forget that her hands are really NOT for hitting?  (She's being a little "pushy" lately)...No, I'm reading into it a bit much...but I do see the irony in all of this.   No one can tell me where they have seen the book last. It could be: under a bed, under the covers of a bed, eaten by the dog, at the bottom of one of two toy boxes, or in the garbage. Take your pick.

I hope that I don't have to wait for the arrival of our beloved 4th born to recover these lost items, my sanity, and my memory...but just in case, at least I'll have this blog to remind me of what's gone missing in my life!

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Danielle P said...

Unfortunately I've found that the memory doesn't quite all come back after pregnancy. My last one was almost 6 years ago so I'm in trouble. LOL I love your blogs!! Real life, down to earth and honest.

Krajcimama said...

After the baby is born, you can totally use sleep deprivation and general insanity for your excuse as to why you can't find EVERYTHING. It's been working for me for the last 7 months!

I will say, though, that I hate losing things. I almost always have a little list of things that I can't find...If I dwell on it I will drive myself crazy!

Hope the camera turns up - we got a new one right before the twins were born, but it isn't a good one...long story but I refused to NOT have a camera with the twins on their way and we didn't have the time to look into what we really wanted and didn't want to spend the money and regret it. Let me know if you find one you like - I think I'm gonna try to talk DH into getting me one for our anniversary in June. :)

Lara said...

Happy Friday Follow! Hope you'll follow back! Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Love this post...And yes pregnancy does that forgetful thing. I am missing DVD's that need to go back to the library. They must go where the missing socks live??

happy friday follow. I'm now following.

Brianne said...

Happy Friday Follow!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Hello! Found you on FF! Looking forward to browsing your blog.

Happy Friday! New follower ;)

MelissaAggie98 said...

You've got a really great blog here!

Happy FF! I'm your newest follower! If you can, please follow me too at

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower from FF. Can't wait to read more, stop by my blog sometime! Happy FF!


Sue said...

Hope you can find all the missing stuff. Those DS games are to small. I've lost a few library books, but found them eventually usually under someone's bed.

Hope you can find your camera. Thanks for following me - following you now too. Have a great night♥

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi..I’m Barb from Fri. Follow. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
& get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well.

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