Friday, September 10, 2010

Confessions of a busy mom

I have fallen into bed completely exhausted after the last three days and have been having the best, deepest sleep I have had in a long time.

I have been running around like crazy, but still managed to make my bed! Yippee.

I have avoided the drive through lane even though a couple times it was pulling me like a magnet! Woohoo!

I was sad when I thought that in a few months Chloe will be eating baby food.

I have made a promise to start walking the dog regularly when we move...Poor pup has been a little bored lately.

I forgot to step on the scale this week.

I have remembered to tell the girls individually that  I Love Them at random points in the day.

While sad that Ava started her first REAL day of school today (because it means Summer is officially over and She, all of them, are growing up) I secretly jumped for joy at the idea of  3 hours minus two kids of unscheduled time! TIME TO BLOG!!!

We are getting closer to moving...I'm excited, nervous and spend many moments mentally decorating and furnishing and renewing the new house!

This is crazy, but I googled our sellers and found out that the wife has a blog and I anonymously followed her and have been reading about her adventures as she packs up and prepares to leave "our" house.... :) It's funny how many parallels I've found there!

I love how chubby Livi looks in her dance leotard and watching her prance has been one of the happiest moments of the week!

It just hit me that I forgot to take a picture of Ava today! OOOOPS! I took one of her at her Orientation on Wednesday, but I forgot to do it today on her *official* first day!

I would love it if someone decided to pay me to write and I could stay home and make some $.

Okay, I'm stepping out of the confessional now. Have a blessed Friday everyone!!

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Krajcimama said...

I'm down 1 kid 3 days a week in the morning and I'm surprised at how much smoother the mornings go!

Glad you found a minute to blog. There is something about the more routine/scheduled days of fall and winter that make me want to read and write more blog posts! ;)

That is pretty cool about finding the seller's blog...what are the chances?

Have a relaxing rest of the morning!

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