Thursday, September 23, 2010

THIS is a tablespoon, Folks!

One Tablespoon of the DELICIOUSNESS known as Nutella on a Dixie "Cake Plate" with a plastic spoon to show scale.
Yes, I too needed reminded of this: A tablespoon of Nutella looks like the above picture. It doesn't anywhere NEAR resemble half of a 13 oz. jar.  Oooops.  I forgot.

So those of you who read my blog regularly, and yippee there are those of you out there, know that I have tried over the last few months to do a little thing called "Weigh in Wednesday" where I blog about my weight loss progress over the previous week, talk about what worked, what didn't etc.  I basically was writing it as a way to keep myself on track and keep me accountable to loosing the post baby weight and then some.  I was off to a great start, but alas, you may have noticed that I haven't posted a Weigh in Wednesday for awhile.

The lack of WIW posts coincided coincidentally with my discovery of Nutella (where have you been all my life frenemy?)   It took me a while to try Nutella, although I'd heard about it years before as I was embracing my hidden inner Italian Cooking Goddes and listening to Giada go on about her childhood memories of eating Nutella slathered on a piece of bread as an afterschool snack. I imagine it's been sitting on the shelves for at least 30 years. I only recently have seen a commercial for it on TV.  But what got me to buy it was my mom telling me that she was enjoying a jar of it...It's only 10 more calories than a serving of peanut butter, she said.

Um...I'm slightly addicted to it.  It is like eating heaven on a spoon. I do let the kids have it once in a while but mostly I hoard it for myself and as they are drooling before me I say something along the lines of: This is MOMMY's peanut butter.  Or No, you CAN'T have any because there isn't enough for everyone (and Mommy needs her fix).  If this is bringing on visions of a Lord of The Rings, Shmeegle (or however you spell it) type episode,  It isn't THAT bad. I wouldn't throw myself into a fiery pit for the stuff...but I may scratch your eyes out for it...maybe, probably, okay I MIGHT (I will).

I'm not going to blame Nutella for a weight gain over the last 3 weeks or so...even though it does call my name from the pantry, and relentlessly speaks to me from the counter, and begs me to just grab a spoon and dig right in and then like the frenemy that it is stabs me in the back from the garbage can...

I was going to go on and on today about the American skewed view of portion size...but you guys probably already know that we have been turned into people who have no idea what a tablespoon looks like, or a quarter cup...and don't even get me started on an ounce. (I hate when they give me a portion size in "ounces".  How, for the love of God, am I supposed to measure that out without feeling like I'm in a lab and should be wearing a white coat and goggles or something?)  And that there is a mass conspiracy to make us fat, and unhealthy to line the pockets of some fat cat who could give a rat's bum about anything else but making money.

Instead I wrote about Nutella. Go figure.

For those of you wondering...I'm up like five pounds over two weeks...Eeek.  Time to get back on track and dig out the tablespoons and the food diary.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I passed the Nutella in the grocery aisle last week and remembered how good it tasted (we used to put away jars of it in college...oh to have that metabolism again!). Just for kicks I looked at the label and just about fell over. I put it back on the shelf and slowly backed away. I'll get my hazelnut fix elsewhere:) I don't blame you for being is indeed heaven on a spoon!

As for the fat cats that want to make us fat as well...they're the same people that changed the name of corn syrup to corn sugar to make us feel better...:) I'll stick with whole unprocessed foods as much as I can thankyouverymuch...:)

Good luck at getting back on the bandwagon...they need to make bigger sides as we all seem to keep falling off way too easily...or maybe seatbelts perhaps??

Chrissy said...

OK, Christine! I am hysterical! I do the same thing, "This is Mommy's chocolate!" "This is Mommy's juice (always something caffeinated!)"

And don't worry you are gorgeous! :)

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

I am your newest follower form Follow Me Back Tuesday. I hope you are having a great week.
little yayas

Krajcimama said...

I've NEVER had Nutella - but I'm buying it at the grocery store the next time I'm there.

It has to be better than the package of Double Stuffed Oreos I buy and polish off after every grocery trip - not in one sitting...I usually eat half a row with a glass of milk at a time...or a whole row if I eat more than 1/2 because then I wouldn't have a 1/2 a row next know what I mean, right?


Diva said...

What adorable little girls! Thanks so much for visiting my blog during my SITS Day!

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