Friday, September 17, 2010

The Little Things

Can I share with you something that totally gets on my nerves?

Here it is:

No it isn't my yellow 70's style counter top (we won't even go there).  It's those little plastic pieces that litter my counter. They are from the yogurt the kids ate for lunch and the icing from the toaster strudels for breakfast.  I hate those little plastic pieces!  There are a couple of reasons why I don't like them.  First of all, I don't like ripping them off in the first place...because if the machine didn't punch the slit on correctly then they are impossible to open. So instead of taking .5 seconds to rip through, they take at least a full 5 minutes as you try to first rip it with your fingers, try your teeth, and then hunt for a pair of scissors to get the job done.  If that isn't annoying enough, then you are left with these little plastic pieces which sometimes get stuck to plates, fingers, the counter, the floor, your bare foot, but mostly just litter the counter top.  They are hard to pick up, they seem to multiply exponentially through the day and they make me feel like a slob. I can manage throwing away the icing packets and the Gogurt tubes but these little top thingies?  GRRRR. They are a pain in the butt! 

On to something I love:

Last night after I fed her for the last time around 10pm and settled her into her bassinet by the bed, Jim and I listened to her babble and "sing" for at least an hour in the dark!  I loved a couple of things about this.  First, of course, it is just so darn cute to hear her little voice and get the feeling that she is "practicing" and "trying new things" and "figuring how her voice works". I just smile thinking about what she might be thinking when she holds a long note and makes her voice go up at the she is having a happy little conversation with herself.   The second thing I love about this is that as Jim and I lay there trying to fall asleep I had my arm thrown around him and when Chloe would make an especially cute or funny sound I could feel him laugh a little. Neither of us said anything.  I wouldn't know that he was laughing if I didn't have my arm around him. I just loved sharing that moment. 

Another thing that I love is that I can write about this moment and describe it, and when it is long forgotten for its seeming "ordinary-ness" I can read it here on my blog and remember it and recapture the magic...And I love that,  way more than I hate those little plastic thingies.

 I'm blog hopping this week! First time in a long time!! JOIN ME!

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Melissa {adventuroo} said...

So funny you just wrote about this. I just threw away some yogurt thingies and a bunch of paper my son cut up. Argh!

Krajcimama said...

Awww ~ how sweet! The singing and cuddling with Jim (not the annoying yogurt plastic pieces).

Love the new pic on your header, too!

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