Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost Turkey Time

I really wish that I was cooking a feast at our new home this year...but that is not to be. So instead, I will fill my house with the aromas of some Thanksgiving after thoughts: "Oh you can make the home made cranberry sauce."  I'm teasing. I know my mom, one of the main cooks of our two traditional feasts (and a reader of my blog), loves my cranberry sauce.  Actually, home made cranberry sauce is VERY good. VERY easy to make. And has a VERY pleasant aroma while it's cooking. So I don't mind.  I'm also making a waldorf salad for that meal. For my sister-in-law's I'm making a broccoli dish.  Probably not what I would have chosen...but it will transport well, and we have a little bit of a drive and there's nothing worse than lukewarm/chilly sides.  This side turns out cold to begin with, so it doesn't matter.  In the end it's all about family and feasting. We will do plenty of that tomorrow.

I had a little helper in the kitchen today. While C is napping and J and A are at school. Here we were:

I'm not sure what she was looking at...why don't kids ever look at the camera? Anyway, the girl loves "Princess and The Frog" and she kept saying that she was making "gumbo."  That made me smile! 

Here's our cranberry sauce pre-boil:

I love the color of cranberries. Beautiful right?

And hear we are with the finished product:

Just need to let it cool and put it in a prettier dish.  It smells good in here.  Like cinnamon and all spice and oranges and cranberries.

Can't wait to slather it my turkey tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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