Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Asking for a Crock Pot for Christmas

I already have one. But I need another. Who asks for a crock pot for Christmas?  Me.  Why not just go buy one myself?  Well, I hate shopping.  My crock pot isn't broken, I need a second one so that I can give once a month cooking a try. I am also asking for 9x13 pans.  I guess if I get them for Christmas it will be a sign that I should really try it. I've been wanting to do it for over 2 months now. I'm a little scared though I think. 

First, the site above suggests that you cook with a friend...but I have my own (unorganized) way of doing things and a friend may help, but may just get lost in the muddle. I feel like the first time at least I would need to do it myself, so that I could go to this "friend" and say, "look, it's not so bad. This is what worked and this is what didn't work."

Second, it's a long time to be in the kitchen.  Uh, I have four kids.  I need hours and hours of uninterrupted time in the kitchen to get things accomplished--at least that's what they say.  I'm trying to think back over the last few months and remember a day when I had hours of uninterrupted time...there was no day.  So I need to really contemplate that and put a plan into place.  Maybe, I could bring a babysitter in for the day.

Third, I have to wrap my head around the way I would need to shop for this cooking day. I mean do I shop for it all on one day and hope for the best or do I buy a little at a time?

Does it seem like more hassle than it is worth?  The thing is, there are some VERY appealing things about this whole deal.  The convenience of having a meal ready to go so that we don't have to give in to that voice that says "let's eat out" is oh so appealing.  I like cooking and it might actually be fun.  For an investment of a day spent in the kitchen I will gain back umpteen hours of meal planning time and daily prep time.  This is home made convenience food--so much better than the stuff that comes in cardboard boxes and plastic containers.  Supposedly, it saves money (I get that you would save money by not eating out). But would it also save on the grocery bill??? I'm not sold yet.  I have a pretty strict grocery budget and fairly solid routine when it comes to couponing, list making, and shopping. I don't know if I should mess with a good thing. 

Anyone want to weigh in?


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