Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love Saturdays. No schedule, nothing that I HAVE to do this weekend and it feels really good.  Of course, there are things that could be done...there always is! I don't feel a ton of pressure to do these things. I woke up late.  Took my time getting out of pjs this morning (one or more of my girls may still be in THEIR pjs)  Took a leisurely shower. Shaved my legs!! Puttured around paying bills, throwing laundry in and caring for all.  The only thing missing from a perfect Saturday besides some sunshine is my husband.  He's working today.

Four of the six in our family need to get new Winter coats. I know, why don't I wait until we have an inch or two of snow on the ground!?  Part of the reason, is that I just don't want to let those late summer and fall days go.  Another reason is that I just don't feel like leaving the house today...but tomorrow will come and we will need to get off to church and the temp will be freezing and I REALLY need to get out there and get them. 

Instead I'm sitting here writing my blog and listening to HGTV on in the background.  I'll get up soon and get to work.  I'll get up now!

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