Friday, March 5, 2010

The Birthday Party

I am not Friday Following today because I definitely don't have the time, but I did want to post something today to let you all know I'm out here! I love hearing your feedback on my thoughts and stories so if something resonates with you...let me know!

I had Jordan's (My Oldest) 6th birthday party yesterday. We were torn about what to do about a birthday party this year. Maybe you can relate to the feeling that comes when birthday time rolls around. I love my kids. I think that celebrating their birthdays and making a special day for them is good for them. I always feel great when the party is over...but it's all the planning, and deciding, and shopping, and deciding, and the budget, and the deciding that I don't like.

This year we kept it simple. She got lots of calls from the family on her actual birthday (Monday) and she got to be "queen for the day": She didn't have to clean up and she got to pick her birthday dinner (She chose steak, baked potato, and tossed salad. A girl after daddy's heart!) and then yesterday I had a small party for her girl friends from school.

We had it at our house during lunch time, right after school. I had the girls make their own pizza's and we had those for lunch. The rest of the time the girls played like crazy up stairs while the mom's chatted in the living room. Cake, Present opening, and giving out the favors rounded out the afternoon. Everyone had left by 3pm. Very simple, very enjoyable, and very cost effective!

Jordan had a ton of fun!

So, what do you do for your children's birthdays?

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Krajcimama said...

That sounds perfect! I hate planning parties for them. We are already talking about just renting a place for the twins' first birthday party because our house is too small for both of our families at once and I can't imagine having 2 parties for 2 kids in the same weekend!

We had a "princess" party for Danika this year. It was just her cousins and 2 other friends...5 little girls total and they played and watched a princess movie. I had snack stuff (fruit, Bugles (which Lori DiNitto and I ended up eating all of), veggies...that kind of stuff). Walmart/Sam's Club have these awesome little cakes that come with 10 cupcakes around them for only $10!!! We got the princess one to go with the princess theme - it was perfect. 2 hours later everyone was gone and Danika was sooo happy with her new princess gear! :)

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