Saturday, March 27, 2010

Goodbye, Pepto Pink!

Would you buy a house with a room that is painted in this fashion?

Yeah...we didn't think so either. But we did try to sell it like this almost three years ago, because it is just so darn cute!  Well, really because we had other paint projects to work on at the time and this room took my husband many painstaking hours to complete before our darling first born arrived.

Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones that prompted me to say, "Hey, let's go all out and paint the room Pepto Pink, with a darker stripe of Pepto Pink bordered by a stripe of Lemon Yellow around the middle of it.  We can't leave these baseboards and doors white can we?  Let's paint them too! But let's be smart about this, border it with the Dark Pepto, Inset with regular Pepto and bevels around the edges--uh Yellow?"  The room was transformed into a cause CURE for stomach upset.  No really, it went really well with the crib sheets and bumper pads we registered for.  Now when my oldest says that her favorite color is pink, maybe you could guess why. The hours spent watching the walls as an infant have impressed upon her the warmth, comfort, and security of the color pink.  We did this to her.

This isn't how the room is usually set up, by the way...Just wanted to clarify, we know better than to shove all the beds to the center of the room and we do provide mattresses for our kids to sleep on!  I just didn't get to take a picture of the room before my husband started to patch up the holes from the HUMONGOUS "Barbie and the Magic of the Pegasus" poster that the girls insisted on hanging in the room...among other things.

So we are toning this room down a bit for our preparations to ready the house for the market. We have to paint the room a feminine color, I mean...three little girls DO still live there.  But we are opting for a nice light, breezy shade of lavender. The pain in the butt trim needs to be painted again...a neutral white.  Poor Hubby.  I'll post pics when he's finished.

So where are the kids sleeping now?

The playroom has been tranformed into wall to wall beds. The girls are loving their new "sleepover room."  But what a mess.

Can't wait until everything is put back together again.  And I'd like to officially apologize to my hardworking husband, because in my present condition I can't help with any of it!

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Cop Mama said...

Oh my goodness, now that is something, having boys, I don't see too much! I actually think it's cute and I could totally see someone expecting their first little girl go that route!

The Kloeppings said...

dont' feel bad:) My hubs did 90% of the kitchen reno without me due to the growing belly:)

I can imagine how much fun the sleep over room is for the girls though:)

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