Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's!

Yesterday Ava had to wear green to preschool in celebration of St. Patrick's day. When we picked her up she came out wearing a construction paper wait, "it's a HEADBAND, Mom"...with a shamrock on it. In her back pack was a red-bearded leprechaun decoration.

Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day! She shouted.

She seemed awfully excited. I chalked it up to pent up 4 year old energy. We do have a speck of Irish in us on my mom's side. My husband does have a red beard which hints to some unknown Irish roots and wouldn't be one to turn down a green beer either...but she seemed REALLY excited. It was cute!

Later that afternoon I took them in to JoAnn Fabrics so that I could blow my Verizon phone rebate on Scrap booking supplies (I blogged about it HERE and NO I haven't given up on the idea of scrap booking yet!) My mom is a manager at JoAnn, so the girls were excited to see her as always. Again Ava bobbed up and down shouting out for the store to hear: Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick is coming TONIGHT!

WHOA! Put on the brakes. What, Ava?


My mouth dropped open. My mom giggled.

No, Ava, my mom said. We just wear green for St. Patrick's Day...that's about it!

No, Ava said (this girl is ALWAYS right.) ST. PATRICK is COMING to our HOUSE tonight!
Oh, Mom said. And what does St. Patrick bring?

Matter of factly, Ava replied: He brings a REAL pot o' gold!!!

Here's hoping kid...

May you find your POT O'GOLD today everyone! Happy St. Pat's!

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Brandi said...

LOL. Yeah, my daughter's 3rd grade class set up a leprechaun trap in their classroom. And I got informed all about the Ireland TV thing that is online. You can watch the fairies and leprechaun's dancing around or something or other. Which reminds, I wanted to look that up! Happy St. Pat's day

Cop Mama said...

My favorite line..."Here's hoping kid"! Too funny!

The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha what are they teaching these kids?!?

Sara said...

So funny and cute.

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