Monday, March 15, 2010

I must have been glowing!

I had such a nice weekend. Two good hair days in a row and lots to do!

On Friday, Jim and I took the girls to see Disney's Finding Nemo on Ice. I should have taken a picture of how enthralled Olivia and Ava were because it was so darn cute. They were the perfect age for it. Jordan had fun too, but I don't think it would have mattered what costumed character was skating out there, she was just happy to wave at her friends and chit chat! What a social butterfly. We went with her Daisy troop, so there were plenty of friends to see. Of course we couldn't get out of there without dropping too much money on overpriced plush toys and snacks. Still a good time was had by all...and I was happy to be out of the house as a family.

Saturday, Jim worked during the day but then we got to out afterwards! My daughters' school had their big fund raiser that night. It was an excuse to dress up and spend more money. It was nice to get a chance to socialize with parents and teachers. They had tons of nice baskets and items for auction. Jim walked away the winner of an autographed Brooks Orpik add to our growing collection of Pens signed memorabilia.

The reason for my Blog title this week was that lots of people came up to me to say that I looked beautiful on Saturday night! Some people actually said nothing more to me than how wonderful I looked. These comments were completely unsolicited...but I'm telling you it is JUST what a 7 month pregnant woman needs to hear! I was so taken aback, it has me wondering if I'm really having a girl?? Have you heard that old wives tale about how girl babies suck the beauty from their moms? I can say that I NEVER got so many compliments during my first three pregnancies (all girls). Maybe the tech made a mistake during the ultrasound. Wouldn't that be something since for the past four months we've been calling this baby "Chloe" and gearing the girls up for a new baby sister.

Compliments continued during a Sunday afternoon birthday party. I don't know what was up this weekend. I must have looked pretty hot. I did wear a dress and heals for both occasions...and my legs look pretty damn good...not a varicose vein in sight (lucky me). Maybe that was it. And I was saying I had two good hair days in a row, so THAT could have been it...but maybe I'm having a boy! Or maybe not. I'm just not sure how else to explain it!

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Krajcimama said...

I'm sure you know that it is more common for the ultrasound techs to say you are having a girl and have it pop out a boy than say you are having a boy and pop out a girl! :)

Maybe I should have been hanging on to some baby clothes after all! hehehe I am just now going through the 3-6 month stuff to give to Goodwill...want me to save a bag or two? hehehe Just in case...

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