Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Club Bliss

Have I mentioned how much I love my book club?  I really, really, really do! We took a month off for the holidays and absence truly made the heart grow fonder.  I love everything about book club.

First, the founder of our rather large group is such a wonderful person. She is a magnetic pole.  I think it is the perfect description of the type of person she is--her magnetism draws everyone in to her, and as a happy by-product, closer together.  I have made some friends and some cheery acquaintances just from knowing her. I'm not just gushing about her because she is an avid reader of my blog (I love THAT about her too!) She really is amazing...and I want to publicly thank her for being my friend!

Second, I am a reader without direction.  I love to read, but I never know WHAT to read. I could spend hours browsing through books at the library or book store and come away with nothing.  Time (as well as cash) is a precious commodity to me so to invest hours and or money in a book that is no good is very unappealing to me.  Book club gives me direction because I know there is one book a month that I should read and more often than not TONS of recommendations for other books that are worth it or advice about books to not bother with.

Third, book club is a chance for me to be Christine.  I don't have to be "Mommy" for a couple of hours.  It is the perfect breather for me and a chance for me to fill up the tank.  New mommies who haven't figured it out yet--let me clue you--you are a better mother when you are happy. So, don't feel guilty doing something small for yourself daily--whatever makes you happy.  Book club is one of those things for me--it makes me feel like a real person, with feelings, opinions, and a will of my own.

Last night was our book club meeting and it was just what I needed.  So tell me, how do you "fill up your tank"?


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