Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, something had been stopping me from hanging pictures up in our new abode.  I hadn't done it yet--2 months post move in, because I know that we will be painting almost every room in the house and I want to change up my color schemes a little and I thought, why hang the stuff and then have to change it all when we paint? I would have loved to have SOMEthing painted by now, but reality hasn't allowed it.  We have done a few small projects, well Jim has, but they have all been related to lights and lighting (my husband is an electrician--so these are the easiest projects to complete!)

Lately, my talk about the house has all come out as complaints, much to my husband's chagrin, but to be fair something has been missing around here and the place just hasn't felt like home, until today. We finally pounded the first nails into the wall and hung some things and I must say, I should have done it sooner.  Even though it's just a few things and even though we may change it some time down the road, it's made a huge difference in making the place seem homier! And that puts a smile on my face.

One area that I have been wanting to put together since we moved in is in the laundry room and I have jokingly referred to it as the "command center"  What was once a bare wall now looks like this: 

I found a tip at one of my favorite home blogs, I Heart Organizing, that suggested turning a glass frame into a dry erase board and I decided to use it to create a dry erase calander and two boards: The calander is just a very simple and cheap black and white wall calendar that I put under a frame. For the memo boards I made one for Notes and one to write our Weekly Menu.

I just used some scrapbook papers from a stack I had lying around and then cut a piece of white copy paper for the center, then I used some scrap book letters to label the boards, put them under glass and presto!  Instant dry erase! One of the great things about using glass as opposed to the typical cardboard memo boards is that it erases easily and doesn't leave a shadow behind like every other dry erase board I've ever had. 

Then, taking another cue from I Heart Organizing, I used more scrap book paper and wrapped it around an old tin soup can to create a corral for the dry erase pens. Jim drilled a hole in it for me and we hung it from an S hook on the laundry room shelf so that pens will remain handy.

 I wish I would have had the extra frames lying around because the whole project would have been SUPER cheap! But alas, I had to buy some frames. I did get cheap ones though. I can't wait to use my new "command center." It makes me feel very organized, we'll see!

Also, Jim created a little "man cave" for himself in our office. It actually looks kind of nice.  It is a big slash room right now: Man cave/Office/Workout room. 

I'm just happy there are things hanging up around here and one of the best Christmas gifts was having my husband home with us ALL weekend (and today) that hardly ever happens!  I'm off to spend some more QT right now! Night all!


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