Friday, December 31, 2010

In 2010

In 2010: I've loved my husband a little more each day--his strength, his sillyness, his committment, his care. I got to witness his care for his family.  He is so happy to be in this new house and it is a home because he is here with me.  I've watched him love his girls the best way he knows how. I have watched him cuddle his youngest and wrestle his older girls (I always think of a pack of puppies when I watch them play). I've enjoyed, TOO FEW, date nights and I resolve to make more time for us in the new year.  I look forward to the completion of many home projects and lots of laughs and memories made!

In 2010: I've watched Jordan shoot up before my eyes into a pretty little lady inside and out. I see her love of books and writing blooming and it makes me so proud when I see her busy at the table with a pen and paper in hand.  She is so bright.  Kind and loving in many ways. My girlie girl.  I found a list of what she wants to be when she grows up: 1. A puppy washer 2. A singer 3. A salon person 4. A fashion designer 5. A ballerina 6. A cheerleader.  I see the seeds of all of these things in her and more.

In 2010: I've watched Ava live life to the fullest--playing hard, laughing hard, fighting and loving. She goes full tilt in everything she does.  She's wacky and silly and sweet and funny and a good big sister and a complete rascal at the same time.  Ava throws caution to the wind. Takes chances. Lives. I hope she never looses her spark and fire.

In 2010: I've watched Livi, my baby, a baby no more, take on the role of big sister. She fills my days with kisses and hugs. I look into her deep brown eyes and my heart melts. My sensitive little mini. I watch her trail her big sisters wanting to do and to be. I watch her kiss her little sister's face and hands. She is adorable in every way. She goes with the flow of our days without complaint.  She is and always was the one who waits and watches and I hope what she sees is love.

In 2010: I watched a new little life emerge: Chloe completes our family--a little babbling brook. She is quick to show off her dimples and when I see her, I see my husband. It's no mistake that her favorite string of sounds right now is "dadadadadada." The way she lights up when she sees him and he does the same? She is Daddy's girl through and through.  She is my sweet little baby and always will be. So I will hold on to her. Watch her closely when she sleeps, hold her closely when she is awake. She is my happy hearted sweetie bean.

When I loosened my grip on the sorrows of 2009, I had no idea the blessings in store for this year. Thank you Lord for my family and a wonderful 2010.  And HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all!


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