Monday, December 13, 2010

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

I was accused of being a little "Grinchy" this weekend.  In the moment, it made me feel even Grinchier. Looking back on it, I can admit that I have been Grinchy--at least toward my husband.  The guy breaks his back to provide a living for us and not only was I being ungrateful for that, I was complaining about it, implying that it wasn't enough, and generally being a downer. This was not intentional by any means. I KNOW my husband works hard, but my actions and attitude were sending him a different message. That isn't me. I think it throws the hubs for a loop because it forces us into a role reversal and he's rarely been the guy to put a positive spin on things, realist that he is.

However, he does love Christmastime.  He loves what Christmastime can be for the kids and he really enjoys experiencing the magic with them all over again.  Instead of looking at the season through sparkling snowflake glasses, I was thinking to myself, "SOME ONE'S got to make this magic!" It isn't just going to happen and time is running out!!

And so I felt like I was running in a rusted wheel and caught on the burr of a catch 22 for the holidays. I need Jim home so that we can shop and prepare for the holidays, but he also needs to be at work to fund the event!  When I look at the calender I see that dates are quickly filling up with School Christmas Concerts, Christmas parties, and Holiday Dance Recitals and the evenings for shopping are few and far between. So instead of looking forward to these events and the joy they will bring, I begin to feel spiteful toward them. Who can enjoy the holidays when the ungettable gift is dangling like a carrot just out of reach?

We took the reigns of this sleigh last night. I tried to hunt around on line for our "must have" gifts but everything was "out of stock"or could be purchased on Amazon for twice the original price (yeah, right). My sugar plum dreams where quickly fading...The thought of not being able to put that ONE thing that the girls really wanted (and were undoubtedly EXPECTING) under the tree was really depressing. I went out to one store while Jim stayed with the girls...I found a couple of things, but not THE things...  I came home. 

Jim wasn't hearing it. So he decided to go out around 6:30 and hunt around.  He drove to one luck. Drove to another about 40 minutes away and JACKPOT! He was able to scoop up the last three dolls on the shelf! I'm really happy that he got to be a Christmas Hero and his effort and ultimate success was enough to push me out of my Christmas funk!  I cannot wait to see the girls faces when they see these dolls. They are SOOOO cute! A big THANK YOU to Jim (A smooch under the mistletoe is in order!).

Finishing up the list should be a snap now...even for a shop-a-phobic like myself. SO:

Fah who For-aze
Dah who dor-aze
Welcome Christmas
Come this way!

Fah who for-aze
Dah who dor-aze
Welcome Christmas
Christmas Day!


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