Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Not Going to Pop Her Bubble!

My Little "Ava Potato" is getting her tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow. She's REALLY excited about it!  We've really been talking up the positives: eating lots of Popsicles, watching whatever she wants on TV, spending the night at the hospital. You would think she just won a free vacation, the way she is reacting to the news! She doesn't seem to be nervous at all. I DID tell her that her throat would be sore. It didn't phase her at all since I told her that they can make medicine in any flavor she likes (don't know if that's true...) Jordan mentioned that she's jealous, but she's also jealous that Ava gets to wear glasses, so this doesn't surprise me in the least.

The downside for me is that our normal routine gets thrown out of whack. Ava will miss a week of school and I'm not sure when she will feel herself again. She has to be on a liquid and then soft diet for a little while, which means stocking up on Popsicles, juice, jello. All that is okay. I just hope that Ava will get to join Jordan for their Christmas Dance recital at the mall.  I know for some, it might not seem like a big deal if she has to miss, but they've been practicing so hard, and if she has to sit out and watch her sister (and the rest of her class) dance without her, I think she will be sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed  that she will be allowed to do it!  It's 10 days from her surgery.

After this surgery we will have one more to get through after the new year. Hopefully, then all will be well with my little miss!

In the meantime, I think I am going to have one of Ava's favorites for dinner: either spaghetti or pizza, since she won't get to eat that for a little while.  And the rest of my munchkins are looking forward to spending a day or two at Pappy and Grammi's, so it will be fun for them too!


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