Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Reason You Didn't Get a Christmas Card From My Family

Merry Christmas, Friends. And Happy New Year Too!

I hate that I didn't do Christmas Cards this year. I do love getting Christmas Cards and I had the best of intentions (but you know what they say about those).  I could have gone out and purchased a box, but I wanted to do a card with a picture and then there's the problem of a camera that hasn't been working for quite some time. I feel so bad for little Chloe...all of her baby pictures are being taken with my phone which for a phone are decent quality, but for printing purposes are barely sufficient--no where near Christmas Card sufficient.

Anyway, here's a Happy Holiday shot for you.  With love from our family to yours!

Also wanted to share this little photo shoot of Chloe. The girls fashioned her with a little veil (Jordan's lovie "Blankie") and a sparkly head band and they were calling her "Little Mary." She was of course loving the attention lavished on her by her sisters as she jumped her day away in the Jump-a-roo (I love this toy by the way. Jumping babies are just way too cute for words.) I ask you, what is cuter than a 7 month old "Little Mary" jumping in a Jump-a-roo? Nothing.  The pics are proof!!!

You see how bad these pics are right?  Phone pics.  She was 300 times cuter in person.  Sigh. Santa, do you hear me?

Enjoy all of your holiday festivities!  I will be doing the same with my family--can't wait to see everyone!!!


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