Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Latest Project

All right...Two posts in one day! I know, what's up with that? Well, I wanted to introduce my loyal blog readers to my newest venture. A couple months back I decided that it was time to start looking around for a way to make a little extra money. But this wasn't just about getting a part time job. I want to make money doing something that I love to do. Instead of remaining passive and just dreaming about the day when I could write a book or make money from my writing otherwise, I decided to start looking into it.

I stumbled on an opportunity to write content for the Pampers Village website. I applied and got chosen. I am writing articles about my pregnancy and birth experience and about parenting a newborn. I discovered that I can easily link up my articles to my blog. And to get the word out about this helpful site (and my articles there) I will be sharing my Pampers Village posts on my blog.

Go ahead. Click the link below to explore the site!

Bottle Feeding and Bonding

And thank you for the support Blog Readers!


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